#Anthroboycott Welcomes Motions Passed at 2016 AAA Business Meeting

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions welcomes the passing of three motions at the Business Meeting of the American Anthropological Association on 18 November 2016. The first motion asks the AAA to condemn the post-election climate of hostility that threatens the personal and intellectual diversity of our community. The second called for the establishment of a Task Force charged with investigating the increasing attacks on anthropologists’ academic freedom. The third motion expressed solidarity with students and scholars under attack in Turkey, Kurdistan, and Kashmir. All three motions were endorsed by the AAA Committee for Human Rights and by an overwhelming majority of those present at the Business Meeting.

As a group of anthropologists dedicated to supporting our Palestinian colleagues facing occupation and apartheid, we recognize these resolutions are in keeping with the shared principles of anti-racism, solidarity, and academic freedom for all scholars that guide our movement. Given the urgent nature of these resolutions, we join our colleagues in urging the AAA Executive Board to take immediate action in response to the approval of these motions.

Alongside expressing our support for the resolutions passed at the 2016 AAA Business meeting, it is our hope that the association take further steps to also protect the academic freedoms of our Palestinian colleagues. In this light, we continue to urge the Executive Board to commit itself to taking action in line with our association’s core commitments.